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Diversity & Inclusion

What is ‘diversity & inclusion?’

We rely on the diverse backgrounds, experiences and expertise of our employees and clients to ensure that the Conduent of tomorrow is better, faster and stronger than the Conduent of today. As a Company, we also understand that only through inclusion is true innovation possible.

Conduent employees embrace and welcome individual differences and know that these differences, when positively leveraged, are what make Conduent an industry leader and a special place to work.

Each employee has an inherent responsibility to ensure our business treats all people – colleagues, clients and their customers – with dignity and respect.

As the world’s largest provider of ‘diversified’ business services, diversity and open mindedness are inherent in the work we do. In all of our business groups, we have multicultural teams, where colleagues bring diverse perspectives to problem-solving. This drives creativity, innovation, and improved decision-making, all of which are key competitive principles in a global marketplace.

As a company, we are committed to:

  • Delivering a comfortable and accepting work environment
  • Sourcing top diverse talent
  • Developing our employees
  • Working with certified diverse suppliers
  • Supporting and creating opportunity in the communities that we serve

These focus areas form our D&I framework and will inform the actions we take to build a culture of high-performance and growth.


Cultivating a culture of diversity and inclusion comes with tangible, measurable benefits to our business – we know this. It also comes with challenges, particularly as we reshape our culture and shift from traditional thinking. The key to really moving the needle requires each of us to approach the tasks we do every day in a more thoughtful and deliberate manner, viewing everything through a diversity lens. As a company, we are confident that we are on the right path and are taking the actions necessary to position Conduent as an organization that exemplifies the power of diversity.

We are also looking for motivated individuals to help form the following EIGs (Employee Impact Groups):

  • African Heritage
  • Asian Heritage
  • Hispanic Heritage
  • Military Veteran
  • Those with Disabilities
  • Generations
  • Women