Conduent Locations

Conduent operates in many countries around the world with focus on broad industries, making the difference in the lives of millions every day. Whether working remotely or in an office our sense of community is nurtured by constant interaction, collaboration, and connection.

North America Map

Conduent in North America

Headquartered in Florham Park, New Jersey, Conduent’s diverse team spans eleven states plus Puerto Rico and locations in Canada. Our teams work each day to help clients’ deliver exceptional customer experiences. North America is the anchor for all of Conduent’s corporate operations including sales and marketing, compliance and legal operations and human resources.

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Conduent in Asia Pacific

A strategic market for Conduent’s delivery and technology groups and home to our research and innovation centers. Our presence in the region is spread across 3 countries – India, Philippines and Malaysia. Our diverse, talented and committed teams work with hundreds of clients across different industries to deliver exceptional experiences to millions of people across the globe. We serve a majority of Fortune 100 clients through customer care for transaction processing, human resource and learning services, legal compliance analytics, finance and accounting.

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Conduent in Europe and the Middle East

With operations in across all of Europe and parts of the Middle East, our teams work each day to help clients deliver exceptional customer experiences. We work with some of the largest organizations in automotive, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and financial services with a focus on positive end user experiences and business operations.

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